Say Goodbye to Evidence Storage Fees!

We include unlimited storage and users at no extra charge. Create and store as much evidence as you need. Never worry about exceeding your GB limit again. Whether you're recording phone calls, buys, meetings or even body camera footage we've got you covered!

Call/Text Evidence Storage

You can save at least 50% by switching all of your call recording to us. We provide an easy to use app and website for conducting 3-way calls or UC/CI monitoring. Whether you record 10 or 10,000 calls, you'll never pay for storage.

Wire Recording Storage

Our cell phone body wire app can record both audio and video while still benefiting your bottom line. The best part is that you'll never pay for expensive video storage and get access to our proprietary features like Remote Control and Covert Team Talk.

Body Camera Video Storage

Are you tired of paying exorbitant body camera video storage fees? Our Investigate app is an alternative. At just $99 per year per person, Investigate turns your standard cell phone into a mountable, hands-free, voice-activated body camera.