Welcome to LETS 2020

The application platform for law enforcement investigators.

What is LETS 2020?

It's the tools you need

Solve more crimes and empower your team with LETS Investigate, LETS Monitor, LETS Transmitter, LETS Phone and LETS Respond.

  • Transmitter - Audio, Video & GPS Body Wire
  • Investigate - Evidence capture app for your phone with call/text recording
  • Phone - Covert call/text recording for UC/CI operations
  • Respond - Hostage/Crisis system for negotiators and first responders
  • Monitor - Monitor all above apps and operations in near real-time

It's a robust platform

LETS 2020 has significantly more features than any other cellular investigation provider-from technologies like audio, video, call & text recording-to advanced user, permission and file management.

It's customizable

We'll work with you to customize our features and offering to be tailored precisely to your needs. We have experience building custom deployments for medium and large organizations.

Our Customers

We have an extensive list of references and users. Contact us for recommendations in your area.


Oconee CSO


"As a twenty-six year veteran in law enforcement and twenty-four of those years I worked Narcotics and Vice, the decision as a supervisor was an easy one after comparing your system to the one we were using as well as others."


Sacramento CSO


"We have been able for the first time to have a system that many people can monitor for live, up to the second updates. We have begun to share that information with the Tactical Team in real time and has improved the safety of our Tactical Operators."


Middletown PD


"We have used the LETS© System more than a hundred times in undercover operations and it hasn't failed us once."

Empowering Law Enforcement Everyday

LEOs around the country have made over 400,000 recordings using LETS©.

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Our Products

We lead the industry in cellular recording & investigative technology.


Call/Text Recording

We provide one-party consent call/text recording solutions for detectives, undercovers and informants.

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Cell Body Wire

Our cellular wires are remote controllable and deliver live audio/video feeds to your cover team.

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Mobile Evidence

Use our app to securely record evidence, interviews, photos & videos without putting your device at risk.

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Hostage/Crisis & SWAT

Instantly deployable negotiations system with no equipment required.

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LETS© In Operation

LETS© has been used on all of the operations and investigations below:


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