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Agencies nation-wide save money, time & frustration with FI

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Why FI?

Agencies nation-wide save money, time & frustration with FI.

Risk-free Evidence

Records all cell-phone evidence; calls, texts, photo, video, audio

Easy On Your Wallet

Replaces cameras, microphones & interview systems


Agency-wide solution using phones you already own

Time Saver

Reduces time spent managing evidentiary cell phone files

Removes subpoena risk

No evidence stored on officers’ phone

Safe & Secure

Easy evidence retrieval from safe server


Unlimited Investigative Power

For Patrol, Detectives & Management

Automatic Upload

No more fiddling with USB cables, cumbersome software or third-party clouds!

Flexible Use

Record photos, videos, interviews...even calls and texts from anywhere!

Integrated Evidence

Bring all of your LETS evidence into a unified interface with configurable access permissions!


All evidence is encrypted in transit and at rest using AES 256, the only publicly accessible cipher approved by the NSA for top-secret information.


Low Cost Fi starts at $20/mo. per user

Lower YOUR Costs Standardizing and automating the collection and storage of digital evidence can require an entire team. Fi significantly reduces the number of hours spent managing your digital evidence.

Save Equipment Allows you to investigate without needing to check out cameras, camorders or digital recorders from the equipment room

Instant Evidence Evidence collected with Fi is automatically secured by your agency and available for retrieval

Reduce Tedious Work Spend less time writing reports or deciphering handwritten statements

A Tool On Your Belt You're always prepared for impromptu interviews and recordings since the equipment is always on your belt

Standardized Evidence You can standardize all photos, videos, and audio to be the same format and stored with the same data structure


Phone Comes with a virtual investigator number to make recorded calls/texts separate from your real phone number

Interview Conduct audio and video interviews with your work phone

Camera Take photos or videos for documentation or investigations

Recorder Turn your phone into an evidentiary recording device

Spoof Calls You can spoof a victim's number and call the suspect and have the victim talk to them while your record the call

GPS Location and time of evidence is automatically gathered

Cases Assign a case number to each piece of evidence

Dictation Dictate notes right into the evidence file

Secure All evidence is encrypted in transit and at rest

Chain-of-custody No evidence is stored on your device

Easy management Manage all of your evidence files from a secure web console

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